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3 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue to Ensure a Perfect Celebration

Discovering the perfect wedding venue can be a tough one. With endless options worldwide, the hunt for the ideal location is both thrilling and crucial. Once you've secured that dream venue, many other aspects of wedding planning will begin to fall into place, and so it's important to get this right. This blog will equip you with the knowledge to ask the right questions and prioritize what matters most to you. Don't see this as a list of questions that have a correct answer - the only correct answer is the one which aligns with your priorities, and your goals for the wedding day.

What Exclusivity Does the Wedding Venue Offer?

Many wedding venues now offer exclusive-use options, ensuring that your wedding is the only wedding at the venue for that particular day. However, the definition of exclusivity varies among venues. Some provide exclusive use of specific banquet areas, while others offer full access to the entire property. It's crucial to inquire about the details, including start and end times for exclusive use, potential overnight options, and policies regarding other events and clients. Don't be afraid to ask about supplier access as well, as some venues may allow early setup, while others have strict access times related to wedding preparations.

Is There a Recommended/Approved Event Supplier List?

Make sure you understand the venue's policy on working with suppliers and outside wedding professionals. There's a distinction between a recommended supplier list (optional) and an Approved Supplier List (mandatory). Venues often require specific suppliers for catering, lighting, production, entertainment, and marquee build to ensure quality and professionalism. While some venues allow flexibility in choosing suppliers, inquire about access for your chosen professionals to view the venue in advance, especially if they need to design for a new space, like a florist. Protecting their spaces is a priority for venues, so it's essential to clarify these details for a smooth wedding experience!

What Rules/Restrictions Does the Wedding Venue Have?

Check with your venue about their rules—it's the norm. Most guidelines aim to protect the building, ensure guest safety, and maintain noise levels. For instance, confetti throwing may be limited to certain areas, and many venues prefer biodegradable/real petal option (just not on floors that may stain). Some places prohibit naked flames or restrict candle use. Others may prohibit dark drinks (particularly in heritage buildings) outide seated areas due to risk of spillage/stains. Dancing might have specific areas and hours—double-check and be ready for a dance floor installation fee. Remember, these rules keep the party going smoothly! Being on top of this means you won't run into any last minute panics and will allow you to choose a venue that suits your priorities at every level.

Another big one for many couples is fireworks (though these are not an option we'd recommend due to the environmental impact and disruption to livestock/everyone's dogs). While often prohibited due to potential disruptions to livestock and damage to grounds, can be arranged through preferred suppliers at some venues. Wedding venues also take noise pollution seriously, and some may have sound limiters in place. Find out about the sound limits at your preferred venue and inquire about the most popular entertainment choices. If you dream of a 10-piece big band, make sure it aligns with the venue's sound limits; many venues with sound limiters favor DJs over live bands. With careful planning and a professional band, live performances within sound limits are possible. Consider working with the venue's preferred list of DJs or musicians for a smoother collaboration, or ask your wedding coordinator for advice, as they are often familiar with the venue's requirements.

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